why do i have to pee alot sometimes?

Q:somedays i pee alot somedays i pee normally and it doesnt burn or hurt while peeing and i pee a little each time and i took a test to my urine but nothing was wrong no blood or bacterial infection .nothingand it’s been two weeks from now anyone knows what’s going on
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It depends on your fluid intake. If you say you’ve been tested, I think you should consider that. Do you drink a lot of water? If you drink plenty of fluids, that will happen. What you drink on the day says a lot. If you drink coffee other than water, then you will not pee too much. Also, your stress level can do too.
Could be a sign of anxiety, or a uninary track infection. Men can get UTIs but it’s not as often as women. Also may be a sign of diabeties. My aunt told me about a medicine called Uristat(I’m not sure if that’s spelt right) that you may get without a perscription that’s suppose to help you pee less. Also can drink cranberry juice (preferable without sugar although it taste bad). Too much sugar could also cause it. Also when I had a UTI my ONLY symptom was frequent peeing. So the symptms are different for everyone. Good luck.
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