what good for sore throat?

Q:what good for sore throat?
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1: Prayer.2:Gargle with TCP3: Cidar vinagar and Honey and hot water
A simple pain killer like Tylenol or asprinin will help a lot, although are almost never considered for a sore throat. Best wishes
honey and lemon it always work for me….
Ginger juice mixed with honey in 70-30 ratio
avoid cold water and ice creamtake clear soups and gargle with luke warm saline …
salt is supposed to be the best thing and i cant think of anything more salty than my lads sperm so if you wanna borrow him thats fine.lol
throat lozengers strepsils garle with soluble asprin lemsip beachams poweders add sopkme lemon to it . or just garle your thortat with lesteriene do not dilute the listerine gargle with it .
Warm salt water and gargle, if that don’t help, talk to your chemist and they can advise on best product for y.
paracetamol……………it never occurred to me that a sore throat was a pain and could be helped by paracetamol till my husband a retired GP said so
my mom always makes me gargle with salt water, horrible but it works
swallow honey very slowly
warm lemonade with sugar or honey in ( add it slowly tho as the sugar can make it fizz out of control ! )and paracetamol will ease the pain and keep your temperature down
Yogurt’s the best!
Try slowly biting thinly cut ginger dipped in salt.
go to the pharmacist and get one of those anaesthetic sprays
Strepsils are good, as they contain anti septic and they help to numb the throat slightly. you can also buy a spray now that numbs the back of the throat. Drink warm drinks as a sore throat can dry out with makes it feel worse. Aspirin works a treat.Try to AVOID Ice cream and cold drinks, contrary to popular belief these actually irritate the sore throat and make it worse.
did you try going to the chemist and ask for an efficient med for that ??costs a few quid but works, trust me !
Warm salty water gargles,three times a day.Then see an ENT specialist in case it’s infected or is bacterial in origin.
Ice cream, the cold helps bring down inflammation.
Honey, Hot Water and Lemon…..yummy
gargling warm water with salt helped me.if you are getting sore throats alot then i would advise you to get your tonsils out.i did a few weeks back.
lemon tea – sip slowly. Vitamin C chewabl tablets are great for shortening the symptoms of all colds… I’d know because I’m suffering from a sore throat too! Get better!
Been told that sperm is good for a sore throat. Am not sure if it helps….
hot tea with lemon works best Gargle with warm salt water. Put about 1 teaspoon salt in a glass of warm water,gargle for a couple minutes.
Steam inhalations. Thyme tea (if you can’t get it, and I don’t think it’s sold in this country, infuse some dried or fresh thyme in boiling water for a few minutes). Gargling.Think I’d better take my own advice…..
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