Have quit smoking marijuana for pre-employment testing. What can I use to mask until my system is clean?

Q:I’m changing jobs and will be taking a pre-employment drug test. I’m afraid I will find something quickly and my system won’t be clean as it takes so long to clean up. It would be a test using a urine sample. Do the tests kits sold on the internet work, so I will know when it has cleared out of my system?
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Cheap and Nasty, VINIGER, it will clean your sistem, use it 4 days before test and Keep taking it until you take the test. Its nasty yes, buy 4 bottles ( regular size) and Drink one every day
Any drug store sells testing kits that will be 98% accurate for readings to tell you when your system is clean.Any herbal drug store will sell herbal remedies to cleanse your system to clean it out. They will cost anywhere from $30-$100. The more expensive ones will work better.Drink lots of water. I hope that they only do a urine test on you, because if they do anything else (blood or hair) that can test positive no matter what you do. In the blood it can last up to one year, in the hair it can last 6-9 months depending on if you color your hair and frequency of hair cuts.
Do a liver flush – there are many to choose from. The one with the olive oil and grapefruit juice i what my friend’s husband used a couple of weeks before a drugs test. Usually, marajuana stays in the system for a month. You should stop smoking that **** permanently, anyway (no pun intended), as it changes your character, and abilities, without you realising. You just think you’re fine. I smoked for 20 years (couldn’t be without it) and now haven’t done it for 10 years, and life is so much simpler. Anyway, I didn’t start this answer with a sermon in mind – good luck with it all.
try the drink at the health food store it works faster then the pills just ask and they will know waht your talking about
I heard drinking venegar will work and also you can take a pill called “Golden Seal” ? It’s in the natural dept. in any grocery store. Suppose to clense your body of bad stuff.
Get stay clean from a health store. Source(s):me.
tea, cranberry juice and lots of water. more and more testing includes the detection of the various elixirs offered. they’d make you take another one right away. flush it out. one caveat, if you’re thin. pot leaves you much more quickly than i heavy person. drink your heart out and flush those kidneys. i’d go for 1 gallon of tea a day one gallon of water and 1 quart of cranbery juice. as a minimum. i’ve known several people sqeak by like this, and a few that didn’t good luck
The quickest and safest way to clean your system is:1. Water2. SweatingStart drinking water right now and drink a gallon everyday until the test. Do more if you can stand it. Sip on several glass fulls throughout the entire day.If you can get to a sauna or steam room, go immediately. If not, do something which makes you sweat a lot. The toxins in THC also escape the body through sweat.I should know. I used to be a probation officer..
I’ve heard that if you drink pool water the chlorine will distort the results. It is a temporary fix, but at least you can get the job. Congratulations on giving up the marijuana. Stay clean and only positive things can come from it. Herbal clean but it will run you about 40-50 bucks. You can pick it up at your local GNC.
nope it cant be seen in urines..but it can be seen in blood.but if your worried..drink some green tea around 2 rounds a day.drink lots of water to clean your kidneys..but dont worry too much. dope dosent have much residues like cracks do.
I’ve heard that drinking lots of cranberry juice works, but I don’t know if its just an urban myth, it is suppose to clean out your system, well its worth a shot anyway, good luck!
stop smoking permanently
its not only the pee that they check its ur hair too. u cant get rid of that because it takes about 30-40 days for it to be untracable from ur hair. (my doc told me that)
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