I break out with acne constantly. is there an inexpensive way to solve this.?

Q:I have tried things like neutrogena, but they don’t work for me.
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Wash your face with Physoderm. You can buy it in drug stores, walmart, target, most anywhere. And wash often during the day.
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Alternate medicine are zinc and magnesium tablets for trouble skin to put inside your body and may be this new proactive for outside the body i have heard good results
I can’t give you the link here, but if you go to my 360 click on the link @ the bottom of the page (HomePage Link), check out the Bath & Body section.The “Bath Bar” is “all natural” and getting many, many reports from customers that have tried Rx for acne with no luck and have exceptional results with these.It’s worth a try especially if nothing you try is working.Best of Luck to YOU!
MANY ways. First is diet. Cut out as much sugar as possible. This includes fruit juices. Avoid high acid drinks also. (Lemon aide etc) Drink at least 64 oz’s of water a day, everyday. Wash your face in a mild soap in the AM and just prior to bed. PAT dry, don’t rub the acne.Get some sun on it. SOME sun.15 mins a day of direct sunlight.If you work at a fast food place, or wash dishes for a restuarant, QUIT.Ask your doctor about tetricycline (moderate form of antibiodic) there are others available now also.AVOID Accutane as much as you can. (Google it and see!!)
Look at the ingredients on what you are using, there are basicly only 2 OTC drugs used to treat acne, most acne medications or face washes use benzoyl peroxide or saclyic acid. If neither of these work for you then try washes and toner with neither of these in them. Both of these products tend to dry out the skin so be careful and use a light moisturizer. Dont try a products for 2 days and say it doesnt work.. give each product 2 -6 weeks to see dramatic results. Unfortunately there are not a ton of great products out there and what works for one will not work for everyone, so try a few things and see what suits you best. best advice, make sure you wash and treat with the same kind of product twice daily. I’ve also heard of witch hazel working as a toner. Good luck!
Try some home remedies Source(s):http://www.natural-herbal-remedies.net/home-remedy-for-acne.html
I think pro-active they give you a 30 day trial for a cheap price.
Here are several things that are inexpensive:1. check your diet. What goes into the body comes out onto the skin. Like drinking lots of caffeine will cause you to get sun burn easier. If you are eating alot of fatty foods, and processed foods, that will come out on your skin as you sweat. The fats cause your pores to clog and thus you get acne as your body reacts to what you are eating. Sugar does the same thing, clogs the pores.2. clean your face with simple soaps, such as Doctor Bronner’s.3. after you wash your face balance the chemistry of your skin by using a toner. generally something that has a vinegar base. check out the Burts Bee’s web site. 4. put a moisturizer on your face after. something without wax in it as this will clog your pores. Again check out Burts Bee’s web site, or try Lubriderm.5. drink plenty of water!6. Exercise!7. Be sure to wash your face, not scrub it. That will cause your body to produce more oils. Good Luck! Noxzema i think
When I had acne I found that simply washing my face several times a day with Ivory soap helped keep it under control. Don’t use soaps that have fragrance or aloe and stuff, they can contribute to outbreaks. Since Ivory is 99.44% pure it doesn’t aggravate the skin like others.
pro active im using it now and it works
Wash well with plain old soap and water, but NOT deodorant soap. Then apply witch hazel with a cotton pad, basically using it as a “toner”. It kills the bacteria and keeps outbreaks to a minimum. You can also use hydrogen peroxide in much the same manner, as the oxygen also discourages the bacteria.
you can try pro active it cost about 20.00 plus shipping and handelling
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