Chiropractic Care?

Q:OK, i went to the chiropractor on Monday for the first time in 10 years. I have AWESOME insurance that will pay for the care and they always pay fast. I have been having lower back problems since i got into a car accident when i was 14 so I felt like the chiropractor would help because conventional Drs haven’t. I saw the Xrays and they show that my back it pretty messed up. The spine is a little twisted and my neck is out of line. Ok, the question is…. Do I need to go every week to get treatments like they want me to? And They scheduled me to come in for Thurs (today) and Friday (tomorrow) when I had my first visit on Monday. Isn’t this too much? How will getting adjusted 3 times in a week do anyhting? And last, Do you think they just are scheduling me so much cause they know my insurance will pay all the expenses?PLEASE DON’T TELL ME IT IS A CROCK, JUST IF YOU HAVE EXPERIENCES OR KNOW ABOUT THIS PLEASE REPLY. I DON’T NEED ANYONE TELLING ME I AM STUPID FOR GOING
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Sincerely,out of personal experience, it is helpful. Chiropractic adjustments can take some of the pain out, and the regular procedure is to be going at least 3 times a week and maybe more. Yes it is time consuming , needs patience , and only you will know if it is worth your while . I had sciatica and arthritis in the hip, and Chiropractic adjustments kept me going for a long time without any pain. . however in time I needed to do the total hip replacement, and after that surgery the leg that was shorter was adjusted and all the pain was gone. Give it a chance and see what it will do for you, and then decide .
In the beginning, you have to go alot. After a while, your visits will probably taper off. Then, you’ll only go once or twice a week for maintenance..Look at this way, they have to fix 10 years worth of damage. It’ll take a while, but it’s worth it..Good luck.
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