Zoloft HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Q:Ok, So i was on zoloft for about 6 months (mostly for anxiety), most of the time i was on 100 mg but it started making me feel really suicidal and gave me insomnia nightly (i could only sleep for like 45 minutes a day), (im 17, have a job, and have school and planning for college…. NOT A GOOD MIXTURE!)…. so i stopped but now ive become EXTREMELY mean and judgmental of everyone, why?
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I hope you didn’t stop Zoloft cold turkey. After taking it for 4 months straight and realizing it wasn’t doing all that much I wanted to stop too. But you need your doctor to help you come off it. I thought I could wean myself off it by not taking it every day, just reducing the dosage to every other day, then every two days, etc. What you’re experiencing sounds like SSRI withdrawal symptoms, like what I experienced….the mental confusion, fuzziness, light-headedness, weird and vivid dreams when I can get to sleep, feeling depressed and being more emotional than usual, having buzzing zap sensations in my head. You really feel like you are going out of your mind. It is not pleasant – I wouldn’t wish it on anybody.I am working and in school too. Trying to deal with SSRI withdrawal without a doctor’s assistance while you’re studying is really hard. Suicide crossed my mind several times because I was feeling so bad and wanted it to stop. PLEASE go see your doctor.
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