Holistic Education?

Q:What are suggestions if you want to go into the holistic or homeopathic fields of medicine?
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Believe it or not, all conventional medical training involves learning about holistic medications and cures, despite what the industries that SELL holistic medications try to make people believe. They do that because people will spend more if they go willynilly buying things without truly knowing what they should be taking. Many MD chose to specialize in treating ailments with more natural substances first. Then, if they find a patient isn’t responding, they can switch to more chemical based medications. I can’t imagine anyone who’s ill that wouldn’t want a doctor who’s trained to treat them with whatever it took to cure them, even if they wanted to go a more natural route first. Seek the most and best education you can possible get. You’ll be doing the people you treat the greatest good.Good luck with your education and thanks for being concerned enough to actually want to help.
MAke sure it is accredeted Although they my say it is alot of them are by “bunk” accredetorsgo to a website called “Quacks” and look them up if you find a place you may be intersted in also
To get into alternative medicine1. you need to have a B.Sc. life sciences is preferred. It’s min. qualification for entering this field. After you can have two choices:a. Apply for a Naturopath College ( 3 – year-program ) – After writing the board examination, you can practise as a ND ( Naturopath Doctor )b.apply for a Homeopathic CollegeDuration: 1-3 years program.You can practise as an HD.P.S. Naturopathy is more completed program than Homeopathy – Students study Homopathy as part of their studies, as well.
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