Does acupuncture work?

Q:I’ve heard of numerous news specials dealing with acupuncture miracles, can an acupuncture really restore health? Will it aide with growth?
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yes, in certain way it helps. But u need to get the right doctor to perform. just ask the details and then u can make decision whether u believe or not.
i have heard so many mixed reactions to acupuncture. I guess it depends on the person and the amount of belief there is..
It can definitely be a fantastic treatment . not only for specific issues but for general health. You need to find a acupuncturist that you like and you also need to trust in the therapy. Yes.. it can work
It has worked for my level 8 chronic back pain. Like another poster mentioned though it can be expensive as you’ll need repeat treatments for the effects to last. I got much more releif than I expected form just one treatment. But it only lasted about 2 days. vance
I had it done once years ago for migraines and believe it or not it worked, but you have to stick with it for it to continue to work. The problem is it can become costly and many insurances just won’t cover it. I’m back on the medications because of that!
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