What is best remedy to cure a wart on the finger print side of the hand?

Q:What is best remedy to cure a wart on the finger print side of the hand?
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i tried the duct tape once on a wart and about 3-4 days it came off, but a couple of months later it returned to the same place. I guess one needs to get to the ROOT of the matter, in order for it to be completley removed and stay away
OCCLUSAL is amazing!! my wart like INSTANTLY VANiSHED with this stuff!!http://www.wikihow.com/Get-Rid-of-a-Warthttp://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0000YGXZW/103-0317348-8355063?v=glance&n=3760901
try freezing it
breeze away
Go to the doctor and he/she will refer you to a dermotologist who will easily remove it for you. No pain, so don’t worry at all!
mMy mom swears but clear nail polish. you cover the wart with clear nail polish and for some reason the wart dies. She used it on me when I got them and everyone went away painlessly. The do however make a wart remover called Dr Scholls Freeze Away that freezes then off. Try a liqiud called duofilm it works wonders but listen to instructions or you could kill the skin cells around it!
go to a store or pharmacy and get the freeze one. it’ll work. my friend had one before and her mother bought it and it came off!
u have to go for cryotherapy, once and forever.
It worked for ME believe it or not. I used to have them on my middle and index fingers, print, also, and I just got SICK of HAVING them, and did what someone said to do. One day, I got down and started TELLING THEM TO LEAVE. After about some 2 weeks of doing it every day. I haven’t had any for about 10 YEARS!!
go to drug store and get the freeze off stuff it works but not over night
try salicylic acid
Use Dr. Scholes wart remover discs Source(s):I used these personally.
Warts can be disolved with aspirin.Cut a tablet in quarters and use one quarter on a bandaid, repeat 2-3 times a day till dissolved.Aspirin is the same substance as that of the remedy “Compound W” used for warts.Acetylsallicilic acid, ASA
Duct tape. Keep duct tape on it. You may have to use a few band aids to hold it on. If it keeps sliding off, put on some more.this is not an overnight cure but the wart will disappear.I have killed mine this way, and they don’t come back.
freeze it off
I used duct tape on my knee. cut it to completely cover the wart but not extra skin. leave it on about 2 weeks. the wart, or most of it will come off when you pull the tape off. If there is still some wart left, you can repeat the proceedure.Warts are a virus and the tape restricts their oxygen so they don’t reproduce. Also, don’t keep touching the wart because they will spread.
The first two answers are very helpful. Why didn’t you see your doctor?
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