Chores Preschool Age Kids Can Do

Let’s face it; whether you have one child or several running around the house, your house is far messier than it was before you had kids. You can clean for hours one day, and 24 hours later, it will be in shambles again, covered by clutter, crumbs, and more. If you have older kids, you no doubt have already put them to work with a list of regular chores they need to do to help around the house. Before you go thinking your young, preschool-age child is too young to help out, too, take a look at this list of chores that your youngster can help with:

Laundry: Most three to five year old kids can easily help with at least some of your basic laundry tasks. While you fold the more complicated items like pants and shirts, you can toss out the socks and towels for your child to fold. Socks can easily be paired together by a child this age, and the more dexterous kids can even learn how to fold socks. They can also fold towels once shown how, too.

Dishes: With your oversight, a child this age can also help with unloading and sometimes even loading the dishwasher, too. You will, of course, want to put away all of the items in overhead cabinets and the sharp items like knives. However, kids can put away pots, pans, silverware, Tupperware, and other such items with ease, and with your help, they can also learn how to load the dishwasher, too.

Pets: If you have a cat or dog at home, your child can learn how and when to feed your animals. Many kids really have a fondness of animals, and so they find this chore particularly enjoyable to do.

Dusting: Some kids this age are really great at dusting. If you choose to allow them to use a spray can, you will first want to show them how to use it so they don’t spray themselves with it by mistake.

Windows: Likewise, kids can learn to wash windows, too. You may have to help with the upper half of the windows, but kids just seem to love any cleaning chores that involve a spray bottle!

While many of these chores will require your oversight as a parent for safety reasons, you will find that keeping the kids busy in a constructive way will not only help to get your chores done faster, but it will also keep them from being underfoot while you tackle your own chores. Plus, they will learn to be a contributing member of the household, too, which will be invaluable to you later when the kids are older!

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