Christmas Poems to Inspire

The following is one of the Christmas poems that must be called one of the inspirational poems for Christmas. This is one of the Christmas poems that encompass all of the time from when Jesus was born until He died in our place on the cross, liberating us from the guilt and shame of sin. Don’t let his payment go unused. Claim your freedom today as you accept His work into your life. When you read this inspirational poem, picture how God entered our world in the still of the night, silently, without even an announcement:

In the middle of a still, silent night

The Christ child was born into the world.

Out of the darkness shown a bright light

To help us live in this world.

He took all yokes of bondage and guilt

And He bore them all in His life.

He took them all upon His cross

So we can live free, with less strife.

This may be one of the Christmas poems you would like to review all year, not just at Christmastime. Merry Christmas, and remember the Christ child in the midst of all the visiting, eating, celebrating and all the special things we do during the Christmas holiday. Remember this as one of the poems for Christmas you want to keep close to your heart. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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