Claiming God (dess)

The views of me from me.
Who is this being that I see? Jovial and deep, cemented in my mind all the time. wondering when pain will finally give way to joy and hopelessness to hope. Who am I to wonder why the skies are gray and the sun hidden in the day?

Who am I?

Is a good question, one that I have long pondered over.
Searched outside in others opinions to no avail and no thanks (from me atleast.) Searched high only to come up dry. Search low only to fascinate in why feeling dismal makes you hurt and that hurt makes you want more pain, only to stumble over questions again; why does it feel so good to feel bad and dwell on your own pain?
Twisted in the wind of confusion and ambivilence, I blew and I bent over to men and under the sweat of pinnacle energy spent; I was spent and done with it.
So I followed God and God lead me within.

Who am I? The question I’ve awaited the answer to for so long. Who Am I, I am? I asked and replied,

I am one who wants the people of the world to prosper in happiness so long as that happiness helps and does not hurt another. I want people to have such joy within them that they run out to help each other with joy in their hearts and a solution to the eternal problem of the wickedness in their hearts and in their minds being ‘love’. I want to be an inspiration for love and hope. To find a solution to the problems of physical, mechanical and mental energy, find a basis and structure for the survival of mankind.
I am a lover of the peace that God provides. I am the lover of eternal ringing childish laughter (whether from a child or be it mine). I am all that I am. And all that I am is me.

I am hope. I am Goddess of that which commands it. I am Sikhumet. Goddess of Hope and queen of the sands of the shores of the land that stands for it.

I am I am (within my own right.)

This signed,
The Goddess in me

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