Colored Glass Panels Using Decorative Glass Stones

Small decorative glass stones, also known as glass pebbles, are not only great to use in a glass vase but as a surface for colored glass panels. Place the glass panels in picture frames and room screens or replace single paned glass windows with these colorful panels.

Learn the process by using the glass from a picture frame. Remove the backing from the picture frame. Secure the glass snugly in the frame.

Things You’ll Need:

Picture frame with glass
Clear silicon caulking
Putty knife
Decorative glass stones


Step 1 – Cover a flat work surface with newspaper. Place the picture frame with glass on the newspaper.

Step 2 – Squeeze a line of silicon down the center of the picture frame glass. Begin the line approximately ½-inch from the frame top and stop approximately ½-inch from the frame bottom.

Step 3 – Spread the silicon over the surface of the glass with a putty knife so it is approximately ¼-inch deep. Add more silicon if necessary.

Step 4 – Press the decorative glass stones into the clear silicon. Position the stones so they are approximately 1/16 to 1/8-inch apart.

Step 5 – Place the completed project in a safe location to dry for 1 hour.

Add two small screw eyes to the top of the frame as a hanger. String 20-pound fishing line through the screw eyes to create a hanger. Hang from a section cup hook in a window.

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