Documentary: Individual Recession

The development of Individual Recession is a documentary that is currently under development. It will follow the lives of five individuals. It will focus in on a foreign investor, and how their American investments have effected them personally. It will follow a corporate CEO, and the effects the value of the dollar and policy have changed the way their company operates, and the effect it has on their business and employees.

Also being followed are the small business owner, the middle class family in rural America, and a family struggling for survival in an inner city. Life isn’t easy when you are watching you lifestyle change before you. Regardless of age, economic status, race, gender, religions, or nationality – going broke effects you. Everyone is changed in different ways? As an amateur journalist and someone with a love of the human condition I have decided to create a voice for those from all different walks of life, trying to make it in an ever demanding, and cash strapped world. The American dream is harder than it has ever been to achieve. With those living in the middle class trying to stay afloat, while sending a student to college so they can compete in a global marketplace for the small amount of jobs left, the road to the dream is perilous. To those who struggle to put food on the table in a world who offers less, and takes more it can often seem impossible like you will never get ahead. To the foreign investor who took family fortune and put it on the prospect that American is too big to go under, or the American small business owner, who watches their hard work and future turn to dust – this is your story.

If you would like to know more, or are interested in getting involved – e-mail Joe Zimmerman, at [email protected]

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