Does a Canadian Vendor Leasing Program Increase Sales, Cash Flow and Profits? Yes, and Here’s Why Equipment Financing Works

Rarely does one financing tool or mechanism lend itself to so many growth, profit and cash flow aspects of your business. You can achieve that by your consideration of a vendor leasing program for your clients. And oh, by the way, it can be done at no cost, some cost, or a lot of cost, it’s your choice. We’ll show you how!

How does it not make sense to consider how your clients pay and acquire your products? When you are in a position to offer a financing tool to your clients you are now perceived as ‘ full service ‘ and ‘ value added ‘ to your clients. Those two terms, often over used and abused, make true sense, we think, in the context of being able to help your clients acquire your products and services.

So lets focus in on growing business, we’re all for that. Depending on the product or service you sell, everything from machinery, construction equipment, or even computer software all your clients may have a sense of what we call ‘ sticker shock’ around the price of your firms goods . And the reality is, even though it may not be the price, it can often be a budgetary and timing restriction of some sort. Larger firms are deeply embroiled in budgets, capital acquisition, and returns on equity and assets that may significantly impact their thinking on how they acquire your good and services.

By offering them a payment strategy you enhance your ability to close more sales, and, as importantly, reduce the sales cycle and lead time that come with some many acquisition decisions.

But how do you do that? The expensive way, we referred to it above as costing a lot, is to set up and fund your own finance firm. Very few companies in Canada in the current environment have the capital, and expertise to do that.

The alternative? Simply work with a trusted partner to co brand and private label a finance offering under your name. They will run it, administer it, and yes, fund it. That’s a win win scenario of course. And don’t forget, this entire id done for the benefit of your business.

By offering an equipment financing strategy you are now in a position to discuss pricing and discount a lot less than you would normally. That’s a good thing, your client is now focused on a monthly payment, not determine their maximum discount from yourself. You also have a higher perceived value in your client’s eyes; you have now made it easier for them to reach the purchase decision with your firm.

Depending on what you sell you are now in a position to have some sense of control on the aftermarket for your products. And, as we noted, your sales cycle has just become significant smaller, as have your inventories which create a cash flow and working capital burden.

The bottom line is that when you put together a customer finance vendor leasing program you are now in a position to customize it to your own firms needs. In the majority of situations you can even bundle in other services, installation, warranties, etc, and yes, no billing, collecting or credit – your firm is paid in full, on shipment and acceptance of your products and services.

Want to know more? Speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor on why equpment financing works, 24 hrs a day, for your firm.

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