Don Williams and Lacey Brown Perform in Newkirk, Oklahoma

Country Music Hall of Famer Don Williams performed at First Council Casino in Newkirk, Oklahoma on Nov. 12 in front of a packed house.

The 72-year-old living legend still has the same bass-baritone voice that he has always had. It still sounds the same.

Before Williams took the stage, Amarillo, Texas native Lacey Brown, who appeared on American Idol, season nine, performed.

Brown, performing with only a guitar player, entertained the crowd for 45 minutes.

She performed songs off of her debut Extended Play including title track “Let it Go” and the single “Shut Up Love.”

She is also performed a song called “Love is a War” which starts out with the words, “The first time I saw your face, it was printed on a wanted page.”

Brown has talent and the looks of a young Martina McBride.

She was good but by the time she got to her closing number, U2’s “With or Without You,” many were ready for Williams.

Finally Williams took the stage and started performing many of his classic hits such as “Some Broken Hearts Never Mend.”

He paused between songs and interacted with the crowd.

He told the crowd that he doesn’t say much. Chuckled and said “I reckon that’s it,”and began to sing again.

Later he paused and asked the fans in the first three rows if the show lights were blinding them and then requested the lights not be used, telling the crowd he puts their needs first.

Following a really slow sad tune, a member of the crowd told Williams he rocked and still has it.

Williams chuckled and said “Yea that song really rocked.”

Another man, who had to be as old or older than Williams shouted out a request to hear “Amanda,” a song Williams recorded in 1973.

Williams replied, “If all goes well we will get to that one.”

Eventually Williams got to his 1978 Single of the Year, “Tulsa Time.”

It was one of two songs that brought standing ovations from the crowd and at the conclusion Williams did a two song encore, ending the night with “Louisiana Saturday Night.”

Tonight Williams and Brown are in Arlington, Texas followed by Santa Fe, N.M. on Nov. 15, Phoenix, Arizona on Nov. 17 and Las Vegas on Nov. 18.

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