Donald Trump — Five Tips Toward Achieving Success like His

Hearing the words “Donald Trump” immediately creates a mental picture of a man with fly-away hair, a very pink face, and a gentleman who wears a brightly colored silk tie. What kind of image develops in the mind of your business associates when they hear your name? No one can guarantee you’ll meet as much notoriety or become as wealthy as Donald Trump but it won’t hurt to take five important steps toward that direction.

Tune Up Your Attitude

Attitude is the effect you have on those around you. You can read about the quality, discuss it during your meetings, and actually see it in action. When you must take time to “think” about attitude — yours needs improvement. Attitude is you – period. Attitude is how you approach every issue you deal with every day. It’s not difficult to guess what type of attitude a person has who created, pitched, and won a deal.

Revitalize Your Resiliency

Taking “no” for an answer, over and over, always brings you closer to a yes. A resilient person learns how to bend, or flex, with continued strike-outs and always returns again to the batting position. A child on a merry-go-round keeps his eye on the gold-colored ring and he eventually snags it after numerous attempts.

Understand Your Objective

Do your homework. Review your homework. Do more homework. Understand every single thing there is to know about your objective. Venture down different paths toward your goal; some call this “thinking outside the box.” Always keep your eye on the objective.

Manage the Opposition

Slam those who slam you. Dads have passed an expression on to their sons for years “stick up for yourself.” Don’t let a detractor get you down. Learn how to fight back and the best defense could very well be a good offense. There are many who wish you ill and do not want you to succeed.

Prove Your Worth

Persist and never quit. There are no set hours you need to work to meet success. Keep working. Prove to yourself that you are worth all the struggle, effort, and sacrifices you make to succeed in attaining your goals.

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