Don’t Look – a Horror Story

There was something grabbing my wrist. Nothing should have been holding onto my wrist, but sure enough I felt something like a hand wrapped around my wrist. Something that was holding it tight enough to feel the long bony fingers and the jagged nails pressed against the wrist joint itself. I could feel where the nails dug in, enough that I could feel where they had scratched and dug under, threatening to make my wrist bleed.

I slept alone in my room. I lived alone. I had no friends or family over, and I had no pets, certainly not ones with clawed hands. But there was someone…. something in the bed with me, making the bed dip, reaching over my body to grip my wrist. I could just barely see a shadow on the wall before me, a humanoid shape leaning over me. But its arms… were like bones and nothing more, so thin and long that they seemed as if they reached twice as long as any human beings.

My breath came in shaky gasps, and I tried my best not to scream, tried my best not to move. It wasn’t doing anything else… just… holding my wrist tighter and tighter until… it let go. I watched the shadowy figure back away, moving so smoothly… far smoother than any human could. Its hand brushed against my neck, and I could feel wetness against it. I could feel the blood running down my wrist, but I dared not move. Not yet. I watched it dip back, stand beside the bed, still as a statue.

A sudden curiosity hit me. What was this? What was it doing here? I started to turn my head back but stopped myself quickly. As long as I stayed still and didn’t look back it had left me alone. But the curiosity began to eat away at the back of my mind. I felt the unending urge to know what was there tearing at me from the inside. The creature started to back away, toward the window… and just as it moved to climb through I looked. White eyes, ratted thin hair, and a mouth that hinged open like a snake’s were what greeted me. Then the pain as it tore me apart. Then nothing.

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