Dr. Conrad Murray Sentenced to 4 Years in Prison

It was a tense situation in the Los Angeles courtroom as Dr. Conrad Murray arrived to hear of his sentence for his involuntary manslaughter conviction today (November 29).

The troubled physician stood before Judge Pastor as he handed down his decision- and Murray will have to serve the maximum four years imprisonment in the Los Angeles County Jail for his involvement in the untimely death of Michael Jackson back in June of 2009.

Judge Pastor cited Dr. Murray having “absolutely no sense of remorse” and “no sense of fault” as main reasons behind the decision – which makes him a continued danger to society.

Dr. Murray’s trial consisted of multiple witnesses for the prosecution who continuously reiterated that it was Conrad’s negligence that directly led to the late King of Pop’s demise.

Murray’s use of the anesthetic propofol to help Jackson sleep ultimately killed him and now he’ll have some time to think about it.

According to a report, Conrad’s 80-year-old mother Milta Rush wrote a letter to the judge, begging for leniency in the matter.

The letter reads, “This is the first time [Murray] is facing such an ordeal. Nothing like this has ever happened to him before. He has never been in trouble with the law before and I am barely standing, scared and worried sick about him being incarcerated. He is saddened and remorseful about the death of his friend Michael Jackson and I do believe he is certainly learning the toughest lesson of his life. I also believe his compassion and his soft heartedness for others led to this dilemma and what a debt to pay.”

Rush also sympathized with Jackson’s mother Katherine. “I feel her pain for having lost her son. I sense she was very close to her son. I really wanted to approach her personally and tell her I am sorry for the loss of her son but I was unsure if she would be receptive, and I did not want to take the chance of violating court rules.”

“I humbly beg for your heartfelt consideration of everything I have said about Conrad, and ask for your compassion and leniency in giving him probation or community service.”

After being taken into custody earlier this month (November 7) Radar Online reported that Dr. Conrad Murray had been placed under suicide watch.

He was classified as a “keep away inmate” and given a single cell in order to prevent other inmates from causing him harm. The late King of Pop’s former physician was also assigned an escort to stay with him whenever he leaves his cell, including the bathroom facilities, and he will be separated from the general population at all times.

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