Dr. Phil Interviews George and Cindy Anthony

George and Cindy Anthony have decided to talk to Dr. Phil about the circumstances and trial surrounding their daughter, Casey Anthony and the death of two year old Caylee Anthony.

Up until now, George and Cindy Anthony have kept quiet about their personal thoughts and feelings. Dr. Phil was interviewed on The View this morning and stated that the reason the Anthonys decided to talk to Dr. Phil was because of the prior shows he has done in which he made comments suggesting that the protesters outside of the Anthony’s home should go home, that they weren’t helping.

Dr. Phil also stated that George and Cindy Anthony did not seek to be paid by the Dr. Phil show. The only financial talk was asking if the Dr. Phil show would make a donation to a charity that will be set up in Caylee Anthony’s honor.

Clips of the interview (set to air tomorrow, September 13th ) were on The View showing George and Cindy Anthony discussing the odor in the trunk and whether or not they believed that little Caylee’s body was in the trunk.

“Truthfully, to this day, I don’t know to be honest,” stated George. When asked if he thought it was Caylee’s body, he responds, “I don’t want to believe it….All I know is Caylee is not with us anymore. I know that.”

Dr. Phil was coy when answering questions by The View’s co-hosts, consistently leading viewers to tune in to tomorrow and Wednesday’s two-part show. Barbara Walters called the interview with the Anthony’s a “coup” for Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil also commented that it seemed like Cindy Anthony is in extreme denial and is quick to provide an excuse for Casey’s actions while George Anthony is a bit more critical. “George would have never put us through those six months of not knowing where Caylee was. I watched his heart-break every single day. And I watched him as frantic as he was,” she said. Cindy believes that George did not at any time know where Caylee was.

Whether George and Cindy Anthony’s intentions for broadcasting a TV interview with Dr. Phil are to get the word out about their side of the story or to profit on subsequent offers that may come in, the point is that all of us want to know what happened to that little girl and how a mother could at the very least not report her missing for 31 days. This interview with Dr. Phil is sure to be interesting to say the least.



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