Drug Induced Multiple Personality Disorder in Children: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

Mental health complications in children often develop with little to no diagnosis or treatment. In children who are developing early warning signs of a complex mental health disorder, the diagnosis may come sooner as parents are often concerned as to how to manage the child’s behavior. If you’ve noticed that your child seems to show signs of a multiple personality disorder, it is important to seek out the mental health and psychological testing, but to also remember that some short term mental health changes can be related to medication usage.

Medications and over-the-counter remedies often come with contraindication information. This information provides details as to what side effects may arise when using the particular drug or medicine, and what other medications or conditions could cause adverse reactions. When a child is taking several medications, including over-the-counter remedies, it is not uncommon for one of these side effects or contraindications to develop.

Drug induced multiple personality disorder is a rare type of side effect seen in children and adults when using medications that are chemically not compatible with one another. When a child exhibits complications that are psychological in nature, there is often a need to address medication usage as part of the psychological evaluation. Typically, when a child is one two or more medications, the removal of these drugs will cause the personality disorder complications to subside and, ultimately, resolve.

If you feel your child has a drug induced multiple personality disorder, it is important to avoid discontinuing the medications until you have obtained your pediatrician’s approval and, if necessary, after a mental health study has been done to rule out the presence of an organic mental health condition. In children who are at-risk for developing this type of personality disorder, the changing or removing of medications will often not effectively resolve the mental health issue and the child will continue with mental health complications, even developing school phobia at a very young age.

While most mental health disorders do not manifest in children at a very young age, the symptoms of a personality disorder that involves multiple personalities may very well begin in the toddler years. As a parent, if you have a concern about your child’s mental health, always seek out pediatric medical attention first and address the issues of possible medication side effects.

Sources: Say Goodbye to Your PDI, by Stan Kapuchinski

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