Dual SIM Wave Cerise: Sophisticated but Cheap Smartphone

Onda Communication, a company best known for his features and very active in 3G phones, has recently presented the Wave Cerise, a very affordable smartphone but with advanced features and especially with the possibility of using two SIM at once. The two tabs, one primary and one secondary, can be active at the same time, or can be switched off selectively. Only the primary can use the UMTS network, the secondary is limited to the standard GSM / GPRS.

The Cerise is a candybar phone very light (103 grams) and rather thin, with a 2.4-inch screen and a Qwerty keyboard. The plastics are of good quality and the couplings between the various sections do not have uncertainties in the complex appears as a rugged device. The most appropriate use is to work, even if it lacks the multimedia possibilities. Despite its low price, the Cerize has many functions: it can connect via Wi-Fi, has a slot for memory expansion and dual camera.

The operating system is proprietary and only allows the installation of software written in Java, the pre-configured applications are different and allow you to meet basic needs. There is a Web browser, email client, an audio / video player, voice recorder and even an e-book reader, plus of course the classic services from electronic organizer.

During testing we experienced good call quality audio, a strong attachment to the networks by the two boards and a good efficiency of the keyboard, despite the small keys. The margins of improvement are the responsibility of software applications are very basic and lacks some important functions, such as the ability to open documents in Microsoft Office format or read e-mails in HTML format. The Web browser becomes irritating at times, wishing you can go to Opera Mini which, being written in Java can be installed and used as an alternative. As a pointing device is a small pad that is too sensitive, especially at the beginning and should be used carefully.

The management of two SIM has not created problems of undetected errors or network right the first time it was necessary to enable and disable the radio equipment for proper recognition. The 2 Mpixel camera can also record video, but provides only modest results, and is used mostly when the light is good. The battery is defended well, you can easily cover a working day, reaching up to two years if you just use the multimedia functions and taking off the Wi-Fi.

Finally Cerize can be a good choice for those seeking a first dual SIM phone that has the advantage of an alphabetic keyboard, plus the ability to connect to the Internet occasionally. It would be unfair to compare it with more advanced devices like the BlackBerry, which reminds me its look, because the price range is quite different.

This article is based on my knowledge and experience as Electronics and Software Tester.

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