Dyslexic Obama Wants to Address Budget Later, Spend Money Now

COMMENTARY | Obama’s infamous “jobs speech,” an impromptu address to a joint session of Congress, has finally settled on a Sept. 8 broadcast date. The address was tentatively scheduled for Sept. 7, but was pushed back a day after House Speaker John Boehner accused Obama of trying to steal the spotlight from a Republican debate in Simi Valley, Calif.

Obama issued a call to action to his supporters Wednesday, stating in an e-mail, “Whether they [Congress] will do the job they were elected to do is ultimately up to them, but both you and I can pressure them to do the right thing,” according to The Associated Press. The plea is akin to begging his loyal constituency to take some of the spotlight off of the debt crisis by pointing fingers at Congress for unemployment rates.

I don’t need another speech telling me that we still need hope. I already know that all Obama wants is to waste more money on socialist doctrine that has never been more inappropriate as a possible means to an end. I have heard the redistribution of monies that these stimuli represent likened to dipping water out of the deep end of the pool and pouring it in the shallow end. The pool is still just as deep, and we have to pay the dipper.

The truth is that we are dipping water out of the pool and pouring it on the ground in the hopes that another pool will spring up like the money trees at the treasury. Our pool is getting shallow, and the whole country is a muddled mess of puddles.

The time for oratory has passed for this president. Obama needs to worry about the problem at hand and come to terms with his new reality. Part of the reason we have a Republican Congress is because his initial stimulus was such a failure. I never even noticed the public works that the $787 billion was supposed to have bought us, and I was personally offended when our president had the audacity to claim he averted the worst of a financial crisis and saved millions of jobs. If it worked so well the first time, we wouldn’t be revisiting the issue next week.

Our most pressing problem is no longer unemployment. I pass several help wanted signs on the way to work every day, and the classified section in the local paper has never been thicker. Those who are still unemployed are doing other things, and the numbers are slightly inflated due to all the entitlement money that was tacked on unemployment benefits.

The interest on our national debt is costing a whopping $474.15 billion yearly to service, and our credit is degrading to the point that I would rather buy Fannie Mae stock than a U.S. bond. We have a serious crisis, and Obama’s jobs speech is going to make it worse if it succeeds. I am glad the date has been changed to Sept 8: That’s a Jerzday, so I have the option of watching something more intelligent, like Snookie getting plastered in Italy.

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