Easy and Simple Steps in Making Holiday Photo Cards

Sending meaningful holiday photo cards is one of the highlights of celebrating the holiday season. It is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to tell your loved ones how much your care about them. It is also one of the sincere ways of telling them that you miss and remember them especially on this happy season.

One can make their own holiday photo cards without any help from online card customization companies. You just need to have enough knowledge in some computer software applications and creativity to make one.

Reasons to Make Holiday Cards

It is FUN! Making your own photo holiday cards is an effective way to express your creativity without extravagantly spending your money.

Affordable. Money is always one of the factors in making decisions most especially during the yuletide seasons where people buy things for gifts and foods. Making your own photo card would help you save money since you will be making it at home. For sure every one of us owns their own PC or laptops with printers, right? Take advantage of the technology that you have and prepare a good card to where you could put your warm greetings to your friends and relatives living far away.

Fast and Easy. With a few clicks using your mouse, your personalized holiday photo cards are ready to be delivered to your loved ones during the holidays. Since they are easy to make, you don’t have to be an expert with photo editing skills, all you need to have is a great concept idea and a good quality printer (with ink, of course!). You can also go online and copy some online cards, do some little revisions and print it all by yourself.

One of the ideal gifts. Most of our friends and relatives would want to see how your kids have grown or how large your family had become the last time that they have seen you. With the use of photo holiday cards, you could use your family’s most recent picture to be included into your card. It will be of high value to most grandparents to see their grandchildren even though they are living miles away from them. A personalized photo card is an ideal gift to keep in touch with people you have been missing for the past years.

Making it Step-by-Step

Here are some of the easy steps in making your own holiday photo cards:

1. Choosing the design that you prefer. Will it be classic or modernized? Do you want it to look playful or sophisticated? Always decide to pick the design that would match your character or your family’s and photos. 2. Choosing the size of your card. Will it be an: · 4″ x 8″ · 5″ x 7″ · 8.5″ x 11″, folded in half. 3. Choose the font that you’ll be using. There are various text typefaces and sizes that you can make use of when making personalized holiday photo card. Usually, a 10-12 point font size is the normally used for greeting cards by try to think out of the box and experiment on using larger fonts. 4. Prepare to write your message. Keep your message simple and sincere. Include how thankful you are to have friends and relatives like them and for the support that they are giving you and your family all throughout the year. Be creative, you could connect a funny story behind the photo that you’ve used into your card to keep happy thoughts flowing.

Mavis Hayes is a mom of two wonderful boys and a wife to her engineer husband. She is a working mom, currently a partner of SimplyToImpress.com, a company that hosts innovative and creative photo invitation and greeting cards like Holiday Photo Cards. Make your own holiday photo cards with SimplyToImpress.com.

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