Eden Eternal Online Avila Volcano Quest Guide – Part 2

This is a quest guide to help new players get through the Avila Volcano area. The last mission from the first part of the quest guide was completing the Baram’s chasm dungeon. You should be very close to level 40 by now. If you haven’t already reached level 40 yet, complete all of the book quests and try to do a few more repeatable quests. Lena has a level 39 repeatable quest and a level 40 quest for you. The first one is to collect 8 “blood” from the lava turtles, and 8 geothermal coals.

The second quest is to collect 8 of the unmarked pages and 8 marked pages from the Zealot bloodletters. The first quest should be enough to help you finish the long grind to level 40. The second quest connects with Vort’s new mission, which saves on a bit of time. After all of the items are collected, report back to Iena to complete both of her quests.

Assisting Vort

Return back to town and talk to Vort, he has a level 40 quest for you. He will ask you to kill the Zealot soultakers and to collect 16 of their skulls. If you grabbed Iena’s quest then you can finish both at the same time. Be careful fighting the Zealots, they can be quite difficult if you are fighting them on your own. If you are trying to AOE them don’t grab more then four at a time.

That area is known to have dead players lying around the fields because they tried fighting more than they could handle and died because of it. After all the skulls are collected, return back to town again and talk to Chemm to complete the quest. Chemm is located back in the town of Loto standing right next to Vort. After talking to Chemm he will give you a new task to talk to the Architect Colde, who is standing near the main entrance. After you are done, report all of your progress to Vort.

Stopping the Zealots

Vort will give you a new mission to destroy 54 Gunpowder chests located within the fields with the Zealot bloodletters. He will also ask you to talk to the Mindless follower and the Mad follower, both are within the Zealot’s camp up north, the map calls the camp “Rasys”. After you talk to both the followers and all of the chests are destroyed, report to Belar to complete the quests; he is only a few steps away from the two followers.

Belar will give you a new quest to kill 27 Zealot mages and 27 witches. They are within the same area so you may have noticed them when you were fighting the Bloodletters. After all the monsters are killed, report back to Belar to complete the quest. Belar will now ask you to kill 13 earth core kraken, burning fire kraken, and the small boss monster Scald. If you follow the road that leads to the Baltaroi dungeon then you will see all three types of monsters on your way there. The monsters aren’t too difficult to kill if you are around level 40, meaning that you can AOE about three or four of them to help speed up the quest process. After you kill both kraken monsters, the last monster to kill is the Scald. The boss monster Skald is located further down the path not far from the Baltaroi entrance. After all the monsters are defeated, report to Vort to complete the quest.

The long road questing to level 41

Once again, you will be stuck with no more quests to complete. Grab a few repeatable quests to help you get to level 41. You won’t get your new quest set until then. If you make your way back up north and talk to Kelt he will have two repeatable quests for you to complete. The first one is “A flash in the pan”, he will ask you to collect 8 burning and boiling stones from the volcanic and hades statues, a total of 16 stones. Sound familiar? It should, he had you do this same quest earlier, it is now available as a repeat to help you level up. The second quest is “Zealot game”, he will ask you to kill 53 Zealot hunters. You should know where they are because you had to also do a similar quest before. After both quests are completed, report back to Kelt to finish the missions.

If you still need more experience, you can do dungeons to level up faster. Don’t forget to also do the level 39 book quests; they will give out a bit of exp to help you along. Repeating Baram’s chasm and talking to the Soul guardian by the entrance and doing the guild dungeon quests should also be enough to help you reach level 41. Raist will also have two level 40 quests for you. The first one is to kill 27 Zealot soultakers and to destroy 27 evil totems located within their little camp. The second quest is to kill 27 Zealot mages and 27 Zealot witches. After the quests are done, report both missions to Iena to complete the quests. From here on out you’ll have to grind repeatable quests and dungeons until you level up. Don’t forget about the last level 41 dungeon in the area. Make sure to read the Baltaroi core dungeon guide to complete the final dungeon in the area before moving on to the Golden plains.

Congratulations, you have now finished the Avila Volcano quest guide!

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