First Person: Tips for Women with Rough Hands

Not all women have the perfect pair of soft smooth hands that are so commonly seen in the media. In fact, with the demands on the average woman, be she married or not, it is a battle to maintain soft and smooth hands. As a woman have you ever shaken a colleague’s hand only to think when you walk away, wow my hands are rough. You are among many women with this beauty blemish. But, with a few quick and easy tips for women with rough hands, you can reverse the condition. With a little dedication you can create an at home regimen and reverse the condition of your rough hands to softer and smoother hands.

First and foremost if you are among many women with in the line of work that requires your hands be submersed in water regularly, it is imperative that you use gloves. If you are doing work at home that exposes your hands to water or cleaning products, or, if you work in the yard garden regularly, again, use gloves. From this day forward begin to protect your hands at all cost and you can go from being a woman with rough hands to being a woman with softer smoother hands. Where reaching for rubber gloves are an extra step it is also great protection for your hands and will help you reach our goal of soft smooth hands.

Keeping your hands clean and moisturized is paramount in a regiment for women with rough hands. Select a moisturizing product to use during the day that is convenient to your work or home life. The important fact is in using products with emollients formulated to promote moisture and provide deep conditioning is effective. In fact, Live Strong Magazine mentioned a study by the University of Iowa, that states leaving hands slightly damp after washing, and then applying moisturizers within three minutes is most effective in sealing moisture in thus promoting softer smoother hands.

Personally, an effective regularly used technique to quickly soften rough hands is by using a good body scrub to massage hands thoroughly. This is a great way to slough away dead skin and to stimulate and relax your hands. Done every other day, followed by moisturizing, you will find the use of body scrub will become one of the most popular tips for women with rough hands looking for a quick fix.

Women with rough hands will tell you they have tried many of the products available to both men and women. It may be time to create your own moisturizing product to meet your personal needs. Start with the basics and create the perfect moisturizer for your needs. Start with a base such as lanolin or petroleum jelly and add jojoba oil to the base. This provides an excellent basic moisturizer to soften rough hands. Get personal and select the herbs you most enjoy and add to this base for added benefits. For instance lavender is ideal for relaxing and is perfect to add to a nighttime formula in which to sleep. On the weekend go for a pick me up by mixing in eucalyptus or rosemary for an aromatic energy boost.

You can turn your rough hands into soft hand while you’re sleeping with the use of special moisturizing gloves designed specifically for this purpose. There are many brands and all are equally effective such as Aquasentials Moisturizing Gloves, Spa Sister Overnight Moisture Gloves, Earth Therapeutic Moisturizing Hand Gloves and others.

By changing your daily habits and the way you treat and care for your hands, you can go from a woman with rough hands to a woman with soft and smooth hands.

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