Fishing with Powerbait : 3 Tips for Trout Fishing While Using Powerbait

If you go fishing for freshwater trout you probably know what Powerbait is and how effective it can be as trout bait. In this article I will outline 3 tips for fishing with Powerbait. These trout fishing tips have been learned through more than three decades of combined trout fishing experience and will help anyone who fishing for trout be much more successful.

It’s important to point out that Powerbait is most effective when fishing for stocked or planted trout, which is trout that have been placed in a body of water by your local fish department or conservation agency. Trout that have been stocked tend to love Powerbait and these 3 tips will certainly help you catch more of these trout on your next trout fishing excursion.

Add these 3 trout fishing tips to your memory bank so that they can be implemented the next time that you are fishing with Powerbait.

Fresh Powerbait Is A Must – So, what do I mean by the term “fresh Powerbait”? Fresh Powerbait means that you haven’t opened the jar and had it in your fishing vest or tackle box for more than one full trout fishing season. After this bait has been exposed to air and then sits in the jar unused, it tends to become much less effective. In other words, buy new Powerbait at the beginning of each new trout season. After one full season this trout bait becomes much less potent and thus less effective as a bait for trout. Touching Your Powerbait As Little As Possible Is A Must – Even though Powerbait is quite “stinky” you want to keep any human scents off of the bait if possible. The less human scent that is on your bait, the more bites you will receive it’s as simple as that. Anytime that you are fishing with Powerbait a trout bait press should be employed. A trout bait or Powerbait press enables you to bait your fishing hook (or hooks) without touching the bait with your fingers, which again is very helpful when fishing with Powerbait. Always make sure that you touch your Powerbait with your fingers as little as possible when trout fishing with this style of trout bait. The Use Of Small Hooks Is A Must – When fishing with Powerbait or any type of trout fishing dough bait you want to use fishing hooks that are as small as possible. The perfect fishing hook for fishing with Powerbait is a number 18 treble hook. If you are going to use a traditional single shanked fishing hook or a set of gang hooks, size 10 is the perfect size for fishing with this type of trout bait. Small balls of Powerbait bait are the way to go when fishing for trout with this type of bait.

The bottom line is that the next time you are fishing with Powerbait (or any similar trout bait) keep these 3 simple trout fishing tips in mind and you will have a much more successful day on the water. These tips have helped me catch a lot of stocked trout over the last twenty plus years and I know they will do the same for you.

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