Five Reasons to Have a Witch in Your Kitchen

If you want to do well in the kitchen, you should learn how to cook and how to store ingredients properly. Then, if they are going bad, throw them out. However, that is not as much fun as the tradition of the kitchen witch.

There are a few different legends stating that they came from different places such as Germany or Norway. However, it is certain that they originated in Europe. These little dolls are supposed to bring good luck in the kitchen and make the entire household a welcoming place.

Here are five reasons to have a kitchen witch doll in your kitchen.

No Burnt Food

A kitchen witch is supposed to keep food from burning. This means no more burnt meals and no more burnt toast. You will be able to get to the kitchen in time to make sure your food is not burnt and if you are a bit late, the kitchen witch’s magic is supposed to keep the food from getting burnt. In addition to no burnt food, everything you mix for a recipe is supposed to be perfect.

No Spoiled Food

If you have a kitchen witch, she is supposed to keep food from spoiling. This means no more spoiled milk. Food should not go bad. Also, when boiling foods, the pots should not boil over.

Cute Poetry

Kitchen witches may not come with poetry, but they can. A few examples of poetry that people have found over the years follow.

Look who’s landed in your kitchen
Bringing fortune to your home
It’s me the lucky kitchen witch
Your special little gnome

I’ll end burnt pots
I’ll keep meals hot
I’ll do such magic chores
For I’m your lucky kitchen witch
Keep me safe by your kitchen door.


I am a kitchen witch riding my broom
Love and affection I bring to your room
Pots boiling over are a thing of the past
With my kind of magic good fortune will last!


Nothing spills, nothing spoils
Overcooks or over-boils
This kitchen witch upon her broom
Brings love and luck to any room!

Cute Doll

If nothing else, the kitchen witch can be a cute doll. Some are extremely cute while others are purposefully made to look ugly. However, the kitchen witch is supposed to be a good a witch. Because of this, it makes sense to have cute and pretty dolls. However, even the ones that are made to look ugly can be cute.

Conversation Starter

Whether you believe in these traditions or just like to have trinkets that go with traditions, a kitchen witch can be a good conversation starter. Many people stay in the kitchen when they visit, so a kitchen witch is a great conversation piece. It gives you the opportunity to tell your friends about the legend of the kitchen witch. It also gives you a reason to give your friends a kitchen witch of their own.


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