Five Useful Tips to Make Potty Training Your Toddler Easier

I have a lot of experience in this particular area. I am a proud parent of two. I also have friends with kids,and have had more baby sitting jobs than most. So with all that time spent around kids I think it is safe to say, I have picked up my fair share of tips.

Tip # 1: making sure your child feels comfortable with the potty.
If your child,or the child you were put in charge of is afraid of the potty,do not force them into using the restroom anyway. By forcing them you could potentially traumatize them. Witch might delay them for quite some time. Instead you can try taking them to the potty,and explaining to them what it is used for,and why they should not be fearful. This step may need to be repeated several times. But eventually they will begin to feel comfortable.

Tip # 2 : Don’t freak out if your child has a accident. Accidents are going to happen in the learning stages. Your child already feels bad enough when he or she has a accident. So why add insult to injury? Besides, if you freak out they might not tell you when a accident has taken place. Then you will end up with wet underwear shoved under the bed,or hid in a closet.

Tip # 3 : use positive reinforcement.
When your child goes to the potty,let them know how proud you are of the. This is very important for your child’s confidence building.The more confident he or she is with the potty,the more they will go to the potty.

Tip # 4 : Think reward!
People say you should not use food has a reward. I think food as a reward is fine in moderation. Please do not limit your rewards to just food. Think outside of the box. There are many other rewards that will not brake the bank. Such as,stickers,army men,and a party pack of yo yo’s. just to name a few. By giving your child a reward you are giving them something to show they did a good job. You would not do a good job at work,and not expect to get paid. So why would you expect your child to put in work,and not get a reward?

Tip # 5 :Try not to get frustrated,and have fun.
Potty training is going to happen no matter what. Your child can not be in dippers forever. So you might as well have fun instead of being frustrated during this process. Remember the more frustrated you are,the more frustrated your child is. To help with the frustration try making up a game or a potty song.

I hope you find these tips useful. I know,while potty training can be hard,these tips have helped me in my own personal experiences. Just keep at it,and remember to breath. It will be over before you know it.

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