Flash SciFi: Surfing the Gravity Wave

Alex had loved surfing all his life, from Maverics Beach to Hawaii Pipeline, and now that he finally had his new BosHig-board, well, things were brought to a whole new level. Gone was the neoprene suit to guard against hypothermia in the cold borne waters of the California Pacific Ocean. Gone were the rock-guard booties and the thin-webbed paddle gloves.

Now he donned his new suit: thermally impervious, hyper-flexible, and ultra-light. The helmet provided all around visibility while guarding against extreme UV and ultra-bright light. He grinned at his wife, as the Beach Boys crooned “Let’s go surfin’ now” in his headphones.

He took the board to a distant corner of the park, to avoid the forces which might disturb the kids at the playground. His wife looked on from a safe distance. His boots locked in and he kicked it. The practicality of the Cern Super-collider finally paid-off in a personal fashion for him.

The ground bowed ever so slightly beneath him, and he lifted off with a loud rumbling machine growl, as a swell of anti-gravity rose beneath him. It curled like a crystal wave as he rode the self-made gravity-dampening shoulder. He knew could accelerate at any desired rate, and the tilts and bobs of his body buoyed himself as he gained his stability. After a moment, his confidence soared, as it did on his old 7’8″ water board. He leaned and flitted out of sight in an instant, skywards and into space.

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