Today, I tried doing some calculations without a calculator. Whilst adding the numbers, I made a mistake in the beginning and that affected the rest of the calculation- I had a wrong answer.

The truth is, if the beginning is bad, it is likely to affect the future. Without a strong foundation, it is likely for one to shake, fall and faint along the way. A building that has no strong foundation is nothing to the wind or storm. However, a building that has a strong foundation will stand irrespective of the adversities that will come.

This means, whatever we choose to do, we need to focus on the foundation-if the foundation is strong and best, the rest will be good.

Foundation is very important, especially if the journey is a longer one. Think about building a tower. Building engineers normally do spend lots of time on the foundation, because they know that without it the rest of the building will not be strong.

This means that whatever we choose to do in life, we will need a stronger foundation. For example, I am able to write what am writing, because I know the English alphabets. If I do not know them, it will be impossible for me to write.

The bitter truth is, we cannot do better without a good foundation; and with a good foundation there is guarantee for a better future irrespective of the accidents that may come. In every building, if there is a problem with the foundation, the rest will be woes. However, if the foundation is strong, there will be wealth. Please, spend time on foundation of every endeavour of yours and you will excel.

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