Framing Love Serial 4

After talking to Everett and the police, Carson visited the site. He needed too just to cool down before he went back to the office. He hadn’t been contacted by the office, hell he was sure they had gotten the message, Everett confirmed he’d called, they just hadn’t relayed it.

By the time he had arrived, the body was gone and just detectives left on the scene. God, it couldn’t just be any body, it had to be his body, the senator’s. Carson had no idea what was going on or how the Senator had ended up there but it stunk of revenge, the whole deal. And he would find out who was at the bottom of it and crush them and their filthy little plot.

Carson walked back got into his car and raced pass the gathering press. Bunch of vultures that’s what they were, Carson thought. I wouldn’t give any of them even the time of day. The security guard, recognizing the vehicle, ushered him through the gates, while trying to keep the press at bay.

Carson smiled to himself at the thought of none of them getting the breaking news. He wouldn’t talk, let them suffer in their little newsrooms.

The twenty five minute trip to the office was completed in fifteen minutes, being driven by Carson’s anger at the mis-communication in his office. He entered the elevator and angrily pushed the tenth floor button, Destiny’s floor, where he suspected all communication stopped.

He threw open the glass doors and said “Where the hell is she?” Sylvia the secretary, was not at all startled by the outburst, quite use to it in fact. It was almost a weekly occurrence between Carson and Destiny.

“I believe she’s leaving for an appointment,” said Sylvia calmly.

“Well tell her, her damn manicure is going to have to wait, I need her in my office now!”

Just then Destiny strode out. Sylvia looked at Carson and then at Destiny and decided it might be the perfect time to get a cup of coffee.

Neither Carson or Destiny noticed Sylvia leaving as they were too busy having a standoff with each other. “Destiny what in the hell were you thinking not calling me?”

” About?”

“You know what the hell about, the body at the project? You know the one they called about today? The one that stopped construction? Brought the police and every news reporter from a 50 mile radius?”

“Oh that? I didn’t think it was important. You’re so busy and all, so I handled it. I mean probably just no one, a blip on the radar, that will be cleared up momentarily.”

“Turned on the television lately. That blip on the radar is on every station, radio too. You call that handling it? That little blip on the radar is a dead senator. The same senator who was trying to stop my project!”

“Oh my God,” said Destiny, “Everett didn’t tell me that.”

“Yes because he’s smart and knows that anything he tells you will be all over the news by tonight. Look the reins of this company are in my hands for quite a while yet and pulling little stunts like this make me even more reluctant to hand them over.”


“But nothing, you screwed up. I don’t want it happening again!” Carson turned to leave the office when he noticed Sylvia who had just reentered with her coffee.

“Sylvia, I want them all, all four of my children in the conference room in a half hour. We have a situation here,”

“So I noticed in the break room,”

“Yes well it needs to be handled soon, Oh and keep an eye on Destiny, she’s already screwed up once, thank you.”

Destiny stormed back to her office and slammed the door, her hand in her pocket, gripped tightly around the note from the Senator’s office she had received yesterday.

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