Fullerton Man Beaten to Death by Police

According to reports Kelly Thomas 37 – who suffered from schizophrenia – caught the attention of the police after someone reported a burglar was breaking into cars parked near a Fullerton bus station.

When officers approached him in the depot parking lot and tried to arrest him, he resisted. Eyewittness accounts of the incident state that no less than six Police Officers continued to taser and beat the man after he was no longer moving, further wittnesses stated he did not resist arrest.

He was taken to the hospital as a result of the beating where he later died after being removed from life support.

Photographs of Mr. Thomas have been released to the public showing the bloody pulp this man had been beaten too by Police Officers claiming he was resisting arrest.

The Orange County DA, has reviewed a video of the incident and has stated that saw no evidence that Police intended to kill the man, the fact that he died from the beating doesn’t really matter.

A BIG congratulations goes out to the Fullerton Police Department for killing a man you were sworn to protect, how proud you must be.

The Officers have been placed on PAID leave while an investigation is performed.

Here is a special Moron Of The Week thats going out to the six Police Officers that beat a mentally ill man to death just because they could.

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