Go Green and Experience the Benefits of a Green Roofing System

Green roofing systems are a form of gardening on a roof top otherwise known as “eco-roofs”. These types of green roofs are categorized as being extensive, semi intensive and intensive which all depends on the depth of the planting environment. The benefits of a green roof system is that it can bring insects, birds and other living creatures into the area especially where lawns and large plants grow under a system of an intensive green roof. A self sustaining system of the extensive type generally only requires maintenance with very little other activity, making this an ideal place for various birds and insects etc., in an urban environment. Some rooftop eco systems are places where herb gardens grow, shrubs thrive and small trees have become established these are also the intensive or semi intensive roof top gardens.

The benefits of a green roof system also help with energy efficiency in large buildings. A great deal of energy is consumed each day during winter and summer adjusting the temperatures of these buildings. Where green roofs have been established this can offer a greater insulating effect reducing the use of energy used to maintain the right temperature. Another benefit is the amount of oxygen green roofs can release into the air and the carbon dioxide the plants also take up. A green roof can also help with storm water flow, reducing the volume and velocity of runoff into sewerage systems during heavy downpours. During rainfall water soaks into the layer of covering under the plants and is retained for their later use. A lower layer of protective membrane placed beneath the main growing area stops any excess water from permeating into the building below eliminating any damage that could occur.

People also receive the benefits of a green roof system in its aesthetic appeal as many areas of urban life have few larger areas of greenery. If they are places where people can visit to relax and spend a little time during a lunch hour break, a shopping trip or some other reason, the psychological benefits of being able to relax can help reduce stress in an individual’s life. If some of these roof top gardens are large then they may be an ideal place to spend some time practicing physical fitness. Some can act as recreational pastime areas, places for social gatherings, activities for children and other types of community functions.

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