Genetics and Weight Loss

Some people who are overweight think that their being overweight is a result of their genetics and feel they are predisposed to look the way they do. Your genetics in a sense is your “program.” Everything from you height, the way you gain weight, where you gain weight, the color of your eyes, and so on is determined by your genetics. Though this may be true and cannot be changed, your weight is determined by your environment, your lifestyle, and most of all you as the individual.

If member of your family before you had heart disease, then there is a likely possibility that you may be predisposed to this. This does not mean that this fate is inevitable. Genetics trick people into thinking that these things cannot be prevented which of course is not the case.

If you are predisposed to something it doesn’t means that you are doomed to get it, it simply means that you are more susceptible to acquire it. Genetics play a part, but environment also plays just as big a part. If your grandfather died of heart disease and ate fatty red meats and bacon, sugary desserts, and other fatty foods often, them this eating is his doing. These conditions agitated his predisposition to the disease. Now if you are your grandfather’s grandson and are predisposed to the same heart disease, but instead eat lots of healthy heart fish, green veggies, as well as a light and controlled consumption of fatty foods then you may do a good job in preventing it. Changing your environment in an effort to curtail these conditions can hold them off for many years if not prevent them from befalling you all together.

In the same note if you were to eat your grandfather’s diet in excess then you can bring about your demise faster, and end up living a shorter life than that of your grandfather.

Of course there are more invasive conditions that can run in your genetic code that have the potential of making weight loss more of a struggle than normal according to Rare conditions like Bardet-Biedl syndrome and Prader-Willi that can affect weight abnormally. This adverse weight gain can balloon to obese proportions. When one of these conditions takes hold of someone, weight loss can be damn near impossible and in these rare cases alternative treatment is needed.

Always remember that the major parts of the programming concerns you and what goes into your body. Some things you can’t control like air (besides change houses, right), but for the most part you control your weight not your genetics.

Genetics and Weight loss ,

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