GLEE Spoilers Are Spoiling the Moods of the Hit TV Show’s Fans

*This article contains plot details for Glee 03×1.

Why, Ryan Murphy, Why?

Fans of the hit Fox TV show “Glee” hit twitter over the last 48 hours, as plot details from the third seasons first episode began to surface online. People began to question where this information was coming from, thinking it had been leaked. What fans learned was quite shocking!

Ryan Murphy, head writer and producer, had divulged this information in interviews throughout the week. He informed readers that Lindsay Pearce from the reality show “The Glee Project” would indeed be appearing in the first episode, and that Damian McGuinty would appear around episode 4. We also learned form Murphy that other Glee Project cast members would appear later in the season.

Fans may wish that Murphy had chosen not to release this information, as now key plot details have been released, and that may take away form their enjoyment of the program.

Glee airs Tuesday at 8:00 PM EST on the Fox Network.

Lindsay Pearce and Damian McGuinty were finalists on the reality show “The Glee Project.”

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