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Fans say that DC Gospel Music Producer and Psalmist, Deborah E. Bradley combines the spiritual intimacy of Mahalia Jacksonwith the jazzy gospel sound of Dottie Peoples. Her debut CD, Hope for Life released this time in 2010.

This month she releases her Christmas CD, TIS THE SEASON, because of an epiphany moment during last year’s Hope for Life listening party.TIS THE SEASON is ten tracks of classic Christmas songs and Gospel hymns stamped with Bradley’s signature fusion of contemporary and nostalgic Christian music.

Tis the Season is your first Holiday CD. Why did you decide to do this?

Bradley: During my first CD release celebration in 2010, I misplaced the Christmas CDs that were intended for guests to listen to during dinner. At that very moment I thought it would be a good music project: a Christmas CD for the following year. I prayed about it and trusting God, moved forward.

What separates Tis the Season from other Holiday CDs releasing this year?

This year there is a want for nostalgia. By the television shows we’re watching, the clothes we are wearing, we want to remember the great things. Tis the Season reminds us of the greatness of God. There is at least one or two songs that every listener will love dearly and may choose to listen year round, because these are classic Christmas songs. Songs we can hear over and over again.

Describe your musical style?

Soulfully filled with God’s good news!

What is your favorite holiday memory and why?

When I was eight or nine, my mom’s youngest sister, Aunt Martha took me downtown in a cab to see the Christmas window displays at Woodies, Hechts, Landsburg and Garfinkels. Afterwards we stopped at Woolworth’s – 5 and 10 for a hamburger and milk shake. We sang the 12 days of Christmas all the way home in the cab. It was one of my most marvelous memories.

Why did you select the songs for this compilation?

I chose songs that I felt glorified the birth and the persona of Christ.

What is your message that you want to convey to the body of Christ in Tis the Season?

When the vocalists began working with our rendition of Go Tell It on the Mountain, I explained that these particular lyrics were extremely important because they would summarize everything we were singing about:

The world was falling so deep in sin, God sent his Son to the world to mend

To mend the least, the last, the lost

By giving his life upon the cross

He will wash away our guilt and shame

Give us power in his name

Make us one with God again

I believe that God has given me this platform, because every CD I produce will have a prophetic word. On this album it isTis the Season and on “Hope for Life” it was Wisdom Cries in the Wilderness.

What are your future musical plans?

Our next project, “Everything Created Will Praise Him” is slated for an early 2013 release. This album will be composed of 12 original songs. We will be infusing different music genres to make our project appealing to different nationalities with clarity, truth and lots of rhythm.

What is your musical background?

I do not have a formal music background but I have taken piano and guitar lessons. In Junior High School I played or should I say attempted to play the violin in the school orchestra. Even though I was not a skilled musician, my Pastor overlooked that and invited me to bring my keyboard and guitar to our church retreats. That is actually where I started.

Where can listeners purchase Tis the Season?

Tis the Season will be available on iTunes, CD Baby, Rhapsody, as well as my blog Deborah Bradley Music. We will have music samples on our website as well.
Visit her at www.deborahedwardsbradley.com

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