GPA Requirement for Student Loans

I am currently a college student, and I know dealing with student loans can be tough. I think that student loans should have a grade point average (GPA) requirement on them.

When I started the process of getting loans, I never got why scholarships have GPA requirements but loans do not. People who party all the time in college and their grades drop, and lose their scholarships, they just get loans. I know plenty of people at my college who have loans and they don’t go to classes or anything. Yes, technically they are wasting their money, but they are also wasting ours. Those loans could go to people who will actually work and try in college. Therefore, if there is an GPA requirement it may reduce this. People that want to be in college might try harder to stay above the GPA requirement.
I think the requirement should be like most, at 2.0. I know a lot of the scholarships and even the college housing have this minimum students have to meet. 2.0 is not hard to get at all. If students have mostly C’s that is a 2.0. Though however if a person were to not meet that, I think they should get on a thing like academic probation first, for a warning.

Academic probation is a clear warning that they have to try harder next semester. On most occasions this is a wake up call for some students. I don’t believe the student should lose the loan right away. If they were to mess up again, then they will lose it, because of the academic probation. First before academic probation, I think it would be nicer to receive a letter warning the student they are close to being on academic probation or losing the loan. This would also weed out the people who really want to study from people who just want to party.

This is also a good idea because then it would look good on the colleges. They would have a less drop out rate, lower on the party list, and fewer applications they would have to turn down. I say that last one because I know in my state the enrollment rate for universities and colleges are really high. They have to refuse students that might actually be good at the college. The students will see they can’t get the loan ,giving others a chance. If you are not going to try there is no point in going. That is why GPA requirements should be enforced.

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