Grandparents Being a Parent

The grandparents that are caring for their grandchildren challenge their generational character. It is really difficult to think that you change role from being a grandparent and stand out as a parent on your grandchild. You must keep your grandparents identity or personality and at the same time act as a parent to your grandchild. However, though how hard grandparents show the care and love and project as a parent on their grandchild, some child itself still prefers their grandparents to remain as their grandparents.

We can’t deny the fact that their parents are their parents. You can’t just take that away from them. In fact, some children that lost their parents have dreams and even hopes to reunite with them or having a thought of what their parents look like or act. There are also times wherein the children blame their grandparents for the loss of their parents. For example, in the divorce of their parents, their grandparents have something to do about it. Therefore, grandparents must be aware that they will not be caught in a fight between their psychological work that they have and their grandchild.

One of the reasons why grandparents want to take over the responsibility of a parent is because of the reason that that child has bad experiences from their own parents. Nevertheless, good or bad experience, grandparents must be aware of the fact that their grandchild wants to have a loving, caring, and healthy life from a parent. With certain situations, grandparents must be flexible to face different roles to pamper the need of the child. Various roles such as their playmate, mentor, role model, and parent.

When grandparents give proper support and nurturing, the grandchild will eventually learn to manage and face different and even difficult situations in life.

Giving children sense of constancy, stability and continuity is critical. There are many factors involve as you play the role of parent over the grandparent. Some of which are:

Your age The number of children at your home Whether there is or there’s no custody over your grandchild.

There are many things you want to give and provide for your grandchild. However, not everything we do pleases all people. Just remember to just be a loving, caring, understanding and flexible grandparents that is act in response to the needs and even wants of your grandchild. Be there the moment the child needs their grandparents the most.

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