I am a lucky man. I have been graced with many blessings. When I ruminate on all the gifts I have been given, silence surrounds me. It cradles me in its arms and with the same effect as a warm, cozy blanket, assures me that everything will be alright.


Its easy to forget your blessings, unconsciously taking them for granted. In a world of “go! go! go!” I have made a habit of abandoning the brakes. “Take a step back” got thrown in the back seat without a seatbelt forced into an un-consensual game of Russian Roulette. Its all shits and giggles until the wall that will inevitably be your “Rock Bottom”inadvertently materializes. Maybe those brakes would have been more useful if they were riding shotgun instead of bitch, but where then would my ego sit?

Never-the-less, it is now and with more lives than a cat, I am fortunate enough to formulate my deepest thoughts onto this digital messenger, effortlessly rendering them to ones and zeros for all who feel so inclined can interpret if interested. That being said, Ill commence my inventory of blessings with just that.

I am able to think. The gift of Conscious Thought sits atop the mountain as a solid foundation for all other blessings and ultimately dictates the path of desire. Without it, everything is nothing. Thought is the creator and through it, all else is born. Dreams, Inventions, Reflections, Meditations, Reason, Imagination, Ideas, Intentions and Ambitions, Theories, Impressions, Feelings, and Conclusions; the offspring of Conscious Thought. A wonderful and limitless gift.
I am grateful for it.

I am able to sense. The gift of Sensual Awareness is my nurturer. Like a guardian angel, she allows me to spread my wings and explore the infinite but always under the protection of a loving, watchful eye. She is my tour guide, my translator, my sightseer, my teacher; the influence of my growth and development into manhood. She sits loyally at the side of Conscious Thought and together they reveal a world of light, love, and laughter.
For that, I am grateful.

I am able to choose. The gift of Choice is a reflection of Thought and Awareness. A symbol of freedom. Armed with Conscious Thought and Sensual Awareness, “I choose to go down this path.” Choice; the negotiator of pro and con, the evaluator of cause and effect, the appraiser of reward and penalty. The ability to make my own choices in life signifies that This Is My Life. A life in which I control the destiny of. I sit in the directors chair and with the knowledge and understanding of Thought and Awareness, I am confidently ready to shout out”Action!” I am grateful for that.

I am able to act. The gift of Action is a climax. A manage a trois of Thought, Awareness, and Choice. A combined collaboration of blessings working in cooperation. Action is the roll of the dice, the spin of the wheel, the precursor to the conclusion; an ultimate high. I feel the adrenaline surge shivering through my body as I confidently anticipate the culmination of my conscious contributions. I am ready to view the fruits of my labor. For that, I am grateful.

What have I done to deserve these gifts? I do not know, but they were given to me, and within these blessings, I have found the greatest gift of all.”To Be”
I am grateful for that.

If only these fucking handouts came with instruction manuals.


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