Great Books for Children About Potty Training

Books and DVDS can make potty training more fun, less scary and open up the lines of communication. Your local library may even have many books and DVDS about potty training available for you to read and watch with your children! Check out your favorite bookstore to purchase copies for your child’s home library.

Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi: This book discusses the poop of a variety of animals, including snakes and elephants. Chidren love seeing the illustrations of animals pooping and just hearing the word “poop” over and over. It teaches them that poop is natural and nothing to fear.

Lift the Lid, Use the Potty by Annie Ingle: Most children love the interaction of lift-the-flap books. This is a funny story of a baby rabbit named LIttle Bunny who has just started using the potty. Little Bunny received big kind underpants as a reward for learning to use this potty. His baby sister is still in diapers and Little Bunny is very proud to have moved out of that stage.

On Your Potty! by Virginia Miller: This is an adorable board book about two bears, Bartholomew and George. George wants Bartholomew to use the potty, but he is reluctant at first. He goes off to play, but then decides to give it another try and gets to the potty just in time. He receives a big hug from George.

Ruby’s Potty by Paul Rogers: Ruby is a little mouse who loves her potty, but doesn’t use it as intended. She carries thigs in it and plays with it. Finally, she decides she is tired of wearing diapers and gives it a try. She is proud of her success.

PJ & Puppy by Cathryn Falwell: This book describes the potty training journey of toddler, PJ, and his new puppy. It is cute to read about PJ learning to use the potty while Puppy is being paper trained.

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