Halloween Decorations to Knit or Crochet

Even if you are a beginner at knitting or crocheting, you’ll be able to create these cute, stuffed Halloween decorations so quickly that you can make several in an hour. The pattern allows you to make these decorations small or expand them to huggable size with a few simple changes. Requiring minimal supplies you just may be tempted to work up a batch and give them out instead of chocolate.

Halloween Craft Supplies

The small versions of these creatures require just scraps of yarn. Use a medium-weight acrylic yarn, although you can add your own creative touch to these Halloween critters by changing the yarn. For knitting needles or crochet hooks, use the size recommended on the yarn wrapper

You’ll also need a tapestry needle so you can stitch the piece together and embroider some details. Stuff the finished decorations with polyester fill – in a pinch, small shapes can filled with cotton balls.

Crochet Patterns and Knitting Patterns for Halloween

The basic shape for the Halloween creatures is a simple rectangle. For a small decoration, cast on or chain seven-to-ten stitches and then decide if you want to go larger. If you are crocheting, work the piece in a single crochet stitch. If you are knitting, you can either work in garter stitch or stocking knit stitch. Remember to make the rectangle twice as long as the finished piece to accommodate the front and back.

For details like pumpkin stems or spider legs crochet a chain the desired length. Single crochet for one row and then tie of the accent. If you are knitting, you can knit a skinny one- or two-stitch piece that you will sew to the finished piece.

Craft Patterns for Halloween Decorations

Pumpkin – Create a bright orange rectangle and top with a green stem. Turn it into a jack-o-lantern by embroidering facial features. Make several pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns in slightly different sizes for variety.

Skull – Make a long white rectangle. Add eyes, a nose, and mouth with black yarn. Stitch the skull into a rectangle and stuff.

Ghost – Make a white rectangle that is six times the length of the width. Embroider eyes and a mouth. For arms, knit or crochet skinny pieces that you’ll add to the sides.

Spider – Knit or crochet a piece that when folded in half creates a square. If desired, stitch on brown or white eyes. Make eight skinny chains that you’ll stitch on as legs.

Monster – For this piece, work a few rows as the monster’s shirt, then switch to green or gray for the face, and then add a few rows of black or brown for hair. Remember that after you reach the top of the piece you’ll need to repeat your color changes in reverse so when you stitch the piece closed the front and back will match.

To any of these designs, add a loop of yarn to the top so you can hang these decorations. When making a bunch for party favors or trick-or-treat goodies, work in an assembly line, first creating the rectangles then stitching details, and finally assembling.

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