Halloween Eggs

When Easter rolls around, millions of people run to the store to get eggs, as well as dye, markers, stickers, or other egg embellishments. It’s a huge tradition, in America, to dye eggs for Easter. We display them for others to see, and then, we eat them. But rarely do we dye eggs for other occasions. Why not? After all, it’s fun to do – for kids or adults – and hard-boiled eggs are so delicious. So, why shouldn’t we dye eggs for other holidays and special occasions – like Halloween? It’ll be a great time and you can have a contest to see who creates the spookiest or cutest egg of them all.

You don’t really do anything different to dye Halloween eggs than you do for Easter eggs. You just use Halloween colors. Mix red and yellow food coloring and you can make orange dye for the eggs. Or, use a simple, black marker to color the egg. When using a marker, color most of the egg, allow it to dry, then color the rest of the egg.

There are lots of different Halloween designs you can create on the eggs. make a white egg with black bats, create an orange jack-o-lantern, make a black egg with a white ghost, or even craft white eggs with black spiders.

To make a jack-o-lantern egg, dye the egg orange, and let it dry. Use a yellow marker to draw stripes on the egg to create the look of a pumpkin. Use a marker to draw typical jack-o-lantern features, like triangular eyes and a toothy grin, or make your own design.

A spider egg can be made when you start with an orange egg and then draw on the spider with a marker. To do that, draw a skinny line from one tip of the egg, to the middle, then draw a round dot at the end of that line for the body of the spider. Draw tiny lines to make eight legs and you’re done.

You’ll find it easy to make black eggs with white designs by using a white crayon. Draw the design you want then color everything else in with the black marker. Use this technique to draw a ghost, skeleton, or even a white spider web, on a black background.

The Halloween eggs are really unique and look great as a centerpiece on a food table, at a party. Or, just make them with your family members, vote to see who has the best one, then gobble them up.
Halloween Eggs

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