Happy Valley Race course Offers Fun for All

The Happy Valley Racecourse in Hong Kong is one of the top places to see Thoroughbred racing, one of the most popular sports in the world. If you’ve ever wanted to see some of the top races in Asia, this is the place to go to. In addition to the weekends, races also also held on Wednesdays, and the racing season lasts from September to June, giving you plenty of opportunities to see fun races. A large crowd is typically found at the track on racing nights that includes both tourists and Hong Kong residents. The track has seen a lot of action ever since its 1846 founding, making it one of the most popular older tracks.

When you visit Happy Valley Racecourse, you’re going to be almost certain to want to bet on one of the races. However, many visit simply to watch the races, and this is exciting in and of itself. If you want to wager on races at other tracks, an off-track betting system is provided. This allows you to easily participate in betting on all of your favorite races. One of the biggest advantages that the track offers is that the track offers several private or semi-private seating areas, so you can focus more on the race and your wagers.

If you’re attending races during the Dragon Boat Festival or Lantern Festival, expect large crowds. A high-profile race can arouse a lot of excitement in attendees, so be prepared for a bit of noise. There is also a very celebratory atmosphere during both the Chinese New Year and the western New Year. When you plan to attend on any of these dates, be sure to arrive in plenty of time to find good seats. The track is a great place to spend time with friends and family during your vacation. Not only is there a celebratory atmosphere on holidays, but there are also good dining options and other fun activities.

Several restaurants and dining options are offered at the track for guests who feel like lunch or dinner. You’ll be able to easily find something that suits your culinary tastes. The Beer Garden is an ideal place to taste various beers and enjoy hot dogs or burgers while listening to the race commentary. If you’re in the mood for a buffet with outdoor seating options, try Stable Bend Terrace, which serves hot, fresh BBQ. Should you prefer Chinese food with waiter service, you’ll find just the right atmosphere at Moon Koon Restaurant, where you’ll be able to sample some of the city’s finest food.

When you decide to see a race at the track, you’ll want to stop by the Hong Kong Racing Museum. You’ll be able to learn more about the racetrack’s history, and Thoroughbred racing in general. Some of the exhibits focus on the development of Chinese horses, as well as Thoroughbred anatomy, which illustrates why the horses are well-suited to racing. You may also have a chance to see one of several documentary-style movies about racing that are shown in the movie theater on-site. Don’t forget to buy horse racing-related souvenirs from the gift shop. While many travelers aren’t aware of the museum’s existence, they find it to be a very fitting addition to the track.

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