Hasbro I-Dog Robotic Music Loving Canine

Looking for a fun gadget for a music lover? Then the Hasbro i-Dog Robotic Music Loving Canine is just the thing. This fun accessory works not only with popular mobile devices such as iPods but can even entertain with music played through speakers. It’s great for youngsters and adults alike.

Product Features

Moves not only to the music’s beat but with a personality to fit the tone of the music

Multicolored lights that add a little flash to its moves

Works with most mobile devices

Works with speakers

Portable and lightweight

Product Overview

The lightweight portal pup is a great idea for anyone who just can’t get enough music. It’s a fantastic way for kids to listen to their music players with the integrated speakers. It can also dance and entertain while blinking lights to the beat of any tune playing through external speakers. The Hasbro i-Dog Robotic Music Loving Canine changes its personality to match the mood of the music it plays and growls if its tail is tugged.

Owners can have their Hasbro i-Dog Robotic Music Loving Canine play music with wont portable music players with use of a cable with a standard headphone jack port. For power it takes 3 AAA batteries and comes with a users manual. It is suggested for ages 8 and up.

Customer Review

According to current owners, the Hasbro i-Dog Robotic Music Loving Canine is am entertaining way to listen to any type of music. The flashing lights and movements that work in sync to the songs are varied and interesting. They enjoy the variety of movements and the change in personality as the music changes.

The speakers are of decent quality for the price but don’t expect spectacular sound. It is, however, loud enough to be heard from several rooms away. The batteries last long enough to listen to hours of music at any given time. Most customers would recommend this to friends with teenagers or for those who simply like little add on devices.

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