Have You Been Crappie Fishing Lately?

1. Fishing License

Make sure that you take your fishing license with you. If you are age 18 or older you need a fishing license. It is good that you bought one, but you must remember to have it with you when fishing. It does you no good if you leave it at home. I recall a couple of times I forgot mine, and ended up returning to get it. Yes, I have been stopped by the fishing police. I was very happy that I had my fishing license with me too.

I talk about how to actually fish for Crappie specifically in my article How to Fish for Specks AKA Crappie .

Did you know that if you loose your license, you can reprint it online? The site is listed below.


2. Mosquito Repellant

Be sure to put on your mosquito repellant. I usually bathe in Skin-so- Soft Bath Oil. For some reason that works in repelling mosquitoes. I found that if something works then I continue to do it over and over again.

3. Life Preservers

I recall forgetting the life preservers and having to return for them. This is a must that you have with you on your boat.

4. Sunscreen

The sun can get quite hot, so you definitely want to protect your skin with sunscreen.

5. Rod and Reels

Accidents will happen. Lines will get broken. Regardless to how good a fisherman that you are, make sure to take extra rod and reels.

6. Extra Socks

When you dock the boat, you may need an extra pair of socks if you do not do it in your bare feet.

7. Sunglasses & Cap

Do not forget your sunglasses to protect your eyes. You definitely will want a cap to protect your head from sun stroke too.

8. Large Net

Have you ever caught a big fish and realized that you did not have your net to help bring the fish in. Always come prepared and bring that net with you.

In my article A ll In A Days Work , I caught some large catfish, bass, and Walleye also. The net came in handy at that time. Even though I was fishing specifically for crappie, I caught several other large fish as well.

9. Snacks

Snacks are a must when you are fishing. I usually bring beef jerky, Vienna sausage, bologna and cheese, and water.

10. Bait

Be sure to take plenty of bait with you. Depending on where you might fish, some of the lakes have bait shops directly off the lake. You need only to dock your boat and go get your extra supplies. Some prefer to jig and use fake lures. Others prefer minnows or waxed worms when fishing for crappie.


a. If you were born before April 1,1943 you may be exempt from purchasing a fishing license.

b. Did you know there is a limit to how many fish you are allowed to catch daily? Crappie fishing limits are 25 per day per person.

Have Fun on your next fishing trip. I sure did.


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