How Do I Close and Winterize My Swimming Pool?

The Summer season is coming to an end and it is time to close and winterize the pool. Both above and below ground swimming pools require maintenance throughout the year. However, to keep your pool efficient, you must take special care as you close it down for the off season. This article will provide some helpful tips.

Three Major Concerns
You want to do three things at the end of the Summer. You want to clean, prevent freezing damage and you want to make it easy to reopen for the next season. Everything you do should be geared towards these two goals.

First, you want to clean your pool. You want no items left in or at the bottom of the pool. Twigs, leaves, toys and swimming aids need to come out. If you have a buoy rope, remove it and store it inside a shed or garage. Take your time and do a thorough job of cleaning.

Second, you want to make sure your water chemistry is balanced. This means checking your pH, Alkalinity and Calcium hardness is balanced. Add a water chemical that will keep the water blue and clean for next season. Do not throw chlorine or bromine tablets into the pool. A liquid chemical works best. The same is true with a floater. If you must use a floater, anchor it to the center of the pool.

When water freezes, it expands. As it thaws, in contracts. Hoses, PVC pipes, filtering systems and any other type of water holding items need to be clear of all water. A shop vacuum can remove excess water from lines and hoses.

Lower the water below the skimmers of your pool. This will help prevent freezing and damage to the skimmers. You can also put an aquador over the mouth of the skimmer. An aquador is the name for a cover for the skimmer.

If you use a vinyl tarp for a cover, make sure it is secured tightly. Heavy snow can cause problems. Make sure the cover is tight around the edges of the pool.

Finally, all water must be drained from the filtering system. Not doing then can be costly come the Spring.

External Considerations
It is important to remove all poolside items. Strong winter winds can lift items onto and into your pool. Move them into a shed or garage.

Secure your fence. If you have a gate to the pool area, place it under lock and key. You don’t want children or pets to play in the pool area in the off season.

Closing down and winterizing your pool can make it easier to reopen, once the weather breaks.

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