How to Say Goodbye to Foster Cats

Offering foster care to cats is the loving thing to do until they return to their original owners or are adopted by a new family. But as the time approaches for the cats to leave you may be left with feelings of loneliness and emptiness as you prepare to say goodbye one last time. How should you say goodbye to foster cats?

Do Not Prolong the Final Goodbye

Cats are very perceptive animals and will often sense when there is a change to their surroundings or routine. They are also able to notice when their owners or carers are going through a difficult time. When it is time to say goodbye, keep it short and sweet. This will help make it easier for you and for the cats as you wave them off one last time. Hand the cats over to their owners, or place them in their kennels as soon as the owners arrive.

Prepare the Supplies the Night Before

Once you have a firm departure date for the cats, make sure you prepare their supplies the night before they are due to leave. Take the kennels out of the attic, brush off the dust, pack up the food and water bowls and collect the vet records so that the cats are ready to go the next day. If possible, do this out of sight of the cats so that they do not sense that their world is about to be turned upside down. Then at the last minute, scoop the cats up and place them inside their travel kennels.

Stay Detached and Professional

Cat owners do not want to have to deal with an emotional foster cat carer who bursts into tears the moment the cats are placed inside their kennels. They will not only find it awkward, but also unprofessional. Keep your final dealings with the cats professional and above board. If necessary, remind yourself that your job is now done as you hand the cats over.

Fostering cats is an enormously rewarding and satisfying experience, but it can also be hard when it is time to say goodbye to cats. Make it easier on yourself and on the cats by saying a quick, rather than a prolonged, goodbye. Prepare the cats’ supplies the night before and be sure to remain detached and professional on the day of departure. Following these guidelines will help smooth the transition for the cats as they begin their new life.

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