How to Stop Missing an Ex Boyfriend

Even the worst relationship has positive moments. This is what generally keeps it going, especially when the ups are as high as the downs are low. Just when a woman thinks that a future does not exist with this person, a game player will bring her up from the pits of despair. Once the relationship ends, she will begin missing this ex boyfriend immediately, but deep inside she knows it is for the best. It is not always easy to stop the emotional pain, even if he was not Prince Charming. Even the most impolite and arrogant man has positive attributes. Find out how to stop missing an ex boyfriend, and do something more useful. Learn from your mistakes in judgment, and stop longing for someone that did not have your best interest in mind.

Stop Missing an Ex Boyfriend with a Negative List

When people die, family and friends magically forget about anything negative this person ever did. They could have been the worst individual ever, but they end up on a pedestal once they are gone. The end of a relationship feels like a death, and the same often happens when romance dies. The ex boyfriend might have been the biggest jerk that ever lived, but a kind person with a loving and forgiving heart remembers the good times over the bad. This has to stop or you will never fully move on. Worse yet, you will be trodden upon again and again and have ex boyfriend after ex boyfriend.

Stop dwelling on the loss of the good times and the positive traits of your ex boyfriend, and make a list of what he did that made you rethink the relationship, even if he was the one that ended it. If your ex boyfriend was selfish, write it down. If your ex boyfriend flirted with every semi-attractive woman that happened to cross his path, write it down. No one is perfect. Stop giving the guy more credit than he deserves. When trying to stop missing this person, read the list. The truth will come rushing back, and you will stop missing him and not feel nearly as bad.

Work on Something Instead of Missing an Ex Boyfriend

When trying to stop missing an ex boyfriend, do something constructive. Do not focus on feeling sorry for yourself. Being single has many benefits. If the guy was a jerk more often than not, consider yourself fortunate. It is better to be alone than with someone like this. Stop missing this ex boyfriend. Work on fun and interesting crafts and hobbies. A woman does not need a man to be a normal or valuable human being. Your time will be much better spent doing something creative.

Spend More Time with Family and Real Friends

Make a real effort to spend more time with family and real friends when trying to stop missing an ex boyfriend. Other people matter too. Chances are you did not give some of the kindest people in your life very much attention while you were dating the guy. Take advantage of being single again, and have a little fun with those that really care.

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