How to Visualize Windows 8 on Your PC. ( Virtual Box )

How to test Windows 8 with Virtual Box. ( Developer Preview ).

In this article i am going to explain how to test Windows 8 with Virtual Box.

What do you need?

Virtual Box Windows 8 Developer Preview: 32 Bit.
64 Bit.

Step 1.

After downloading Virtual Box you need to install it, it’s a executable file and is installing automatically.

Step 2.

Start Virtual Box and hit the button ” New.”
Go to OS type, and select Microsoft Windows at Operating System and Windows 8 at version. Hit Next.

Step 3.

Select the amount of RAM you want to allocate to the machine. Normally this is 1024 MB, and hit Next.

Step 4.

Select “Start-up Disk” and select the option “Create new hard disk,” and hit Next.

Step 5.

Select the option “VDI” and hit Next.

Step 6.

Select the option “Dynamically allocated” and hit Next.

Step 7.

Select the amount of HDD size you want to give the machine and hit Next.

Step 8.

Hit the “create” button.

Step 9.

Now , select Windows 8 and hit the “Start” button.

Step 10.

Select your Windows 8 Developer Preview, iso file and hit Next.

Step 11.

Hit start.

Now you are done, you can install Windows 8 at your virtual HDD.

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